Otter on a rock - 2009 SOLD OUT

Bronze, Signed Ham, Dated 2009, Numbered edition of 25
28cm high x 18cm x 19cm / 11" high x 7" x 7.5"
Sculptures can be shipped world wide at cost, no VAT payable on exports outside the EU.

Otter on a Rock has SOLD OUT - try Otters 2018

"Otters are one of my favourite subjects, so much so that we named our youngest daughter Otterlie! They are such an agile animal and are wonderful to watch in the wild if you are lucky enough to see one. In 2009, I had the privilege of having an Otter in my studio for a few days for me to sculpt, while he ran around exploring!" (HM)

Like many wildlife enthusiasts, Hamish has been bewitched by the Otter, returning to the subject time and time again. His limited edition bronze Otter sculptures precisely capture the fluidity of movement and playful, inquisitive nature that makes this animal so endearing.

Otter on a Rock shows the sculpted Otter’s long sinuous body bending as he peers curiously down from his perch on a rock. Available in an edition of 25.

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Otter sculpture in progress

Otter on a Rock was inspired after a trip to the west coast of Scotland, where I watched one while we both fished! Their bodies and movements are so fluid that they are a joy to sculpt. In 2009 a tame otter came to my studio to model, this sculpture is made using the measurements and research photographs I took.