New Sculpture of Sir Winston Churchill 2020

After the great success of  Sir Winston Churchill 2017, I was delighted to receive a commission to make another bronze bust – Sir Winston Churchill 2020. An American collector wanted to place it in an avenue in his garden. I don’t do many portraits, but in the midst of the Covid pandemic and with the American elections going on, it seemed an apposite time to revisit the great man.

Mackie sculpting clay model of Churchill

As before, it was important to me that I conveyed more than just Churchill’s likeness. He had such an expressive face. This time, I wanted to explore a different expression, another facet of the same subject. We remember him for leading his country during difficult years and my 2017 sculpture reflected that. I showed Churchill troubled by dark thoughts. However, there was also a lighter side to him and in this new sculpture, I have shown the British statesman with a softer expression. The piece feels quite uplifting, a feeling emphasised by the composition. Where the 2017 sculpture was quite bottom-heavy, this new Churchill sculpture sits lightly on its base.

Bronze Churchill bust
Sir Winston Churchill 2017


Sir Winston Churchill bronze bust
Sir Winston Churchill 2020

I chose Hornton stone to make the plinth, because it seemed so appropriate. It is quarried in north-west Oxfordshire, not far from Churchill’s birthplace at Blenheim Palace and his final resting place in the churchyard of St Martin’s in Bladon. The bronze bust was sculpted using a course wet crank clay which suits my loose gestural style and helps bring a dynamic quality to this portrait.

sculpting Churchill in the studio

The 2017 Churchill sculpture sold quickly and is now held in collections all over the world, including at Number 10 Downing Street, Blenheim Palace, The White House and the super yacht Christina O. I hope collectors enjoy this new bust of Sir Winston Churchill as much as the last. It is available in a limited edition of 12.

New sculpture of Sir Winston Churchill 2020

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