Making Lobster Sculpture 2023 March 13, 2023

I’d been thinking about making a lobster sculpture for a long time. During my research, I learnt more about the blue lobster and decided that was what I wanted to sculpt. Their beautiful blue colour is due to a genetic defect. They are incredibly rare in the wild and the chances of catching one are about 1 in 2,000,000. One was recently caught and released in Belfast, an amazing chance encounter.



Scientists say that lobster-like creatures first appeared on planet earth around 360 million years ago during the carboniferous period. They can grow up to four feet long and live as long as 100 years. Once considered a poor man’s food and used to fertilize crops, they are now highly prized as a sea food delicacy.

Going back to my childhood home in Cornwall always involves a trip to the beautiful coast to watch the fishing boats. Lobsters are a vital part of Cornwall’s fishing industry. Thanks to sustainable fishing practices, lobsters are happily on the increase in Cornish waters.

My 2023 Lobster sculpture was life cast from a Cornish lobster sourced by Tonks the lobster fisherman at Cadgwith Cove Crab. It was definitely the largest lobster I have ever seen at twice the size of a normal lobster you’d see in a restaurant. I was able to examine and measure every part of it, and understand how nature has put it together. Its claws were enormous!

I’m delighted with the way the sculpture has come out of the foundry. The casting detail is of the finest quality capturing all the intricate textures of that beautiful original specimen.

I think this bronze lobster sculpture would look fantastic on dining table or in a fish restaurant. Ideally enjoyed with a serving of lobster bisque or washed down with a good white burgundy or vintage champagne! It would also make a perfect focal point for a kitchen island centre piece or window sill overlooking the sea.


Lobster have been depicted in art  through out the ages by artists including  Dürer, Picasso, and Jeff Koons. I’d like to create another lobster sculpture, pushing it further. My idea is to make a polished marine grade stainless steel lobster 6ft long or longer. I’ve scanned the bronze lobster in order to do this, so if any collector likes this idea – do please get in touch for a chat. It would make an incredible centre piece on a yacht or in a harbour environment.

Check out the video below which shows me applying the patina to achieve the lobster’s striking blue colour. I made it blue using a combination of secret chemicals and oxides. Because of the rarity of blue lobster in the wild I thought it would look great on the bronze. Hope you agree!

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