New Catalogue Life in Bronze 2016 August 22, 2016

Next week we are sending out just over 20,000 copies of my new catalogue for Life in Bronze 2016 which opens on the 10th of October. Like the triennial solo show, I create the catalogue every three years and it is a labour of love.

The catalogue begins with me editing the tens of thousands of photographs I have taken on my research trips. I have to choose one single shot that resonates best with the bronze sculpture I have created. Often a research image is very different to a catalogue image!

I then have to get all of my sculptures professionally photographed. It is so difficult to capture a three dimensional sculpture in one image. It is amazing how lighting can change the vibe of a sculpture.

I collaborate on the layout with the team at Windrush Design and Print next. It is always exciting to see a catalogue develop from an initial plan. We collate all the contributions from curators, collectors and patrons. Then, the photographs, sculpture details and my own thoughts about the last three years. I’m really conscious that my entire journey has been a collaborative act. From Nancy Minshull-Beech who put me forward for the Goodman’s Fields Berkeley Group commission. And ending with Lockbund Foundry who transform my clay sculptures into bronze works of art!

Once we have collated all of this information I sit down with my wife Laura and my editor Nico to piece it all together. With so much travel involved, we decided to structure the catalogue around the continents I have visited. Seeing wildlife in their natural habitat is an artistic imperative for me. It has very much forged who I am as a sculptor. I am incredibly lucky to make a living that combines so many of my passions. I am very grateful to all the patrons, sponsors and friends who continue to make that possible.


Finally, I hope you enjoy the catalogue, and that it inspires you to come to my show Life in Bronze 2016 at Mall Galleries (10 – 22 October 2016).  Then you can see the bronze sculptures and photographs of my journey for yourself. The best thing about bronze wildlife sculpture is that you can touch it, feel the spark of life within, and connect to the animal.

Sculpture Collection

Hamish has a substantial range of sculptures for sale, all of which are listed on this website. If you see something you like that is labelled as sold out, please get in touch with Hamish directly to discuss a private commission.

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