Arabian Horse - 2022

Bronze, Signed Hamish Mackie
Numbered Edition of 12
Dated 2022

43cm high x 15cm wide x 46cm long
(17″ x 6″ x 18″)

Sculptures can be shipped world wide at cost, no VAT payable on exports outside the EU.

£9,500 inc VAT

The Arabian or Arab horse is known for its distinctive dish-shaped profile and high tail carriage. It also has a small head and short back in relation to other breeds. Originating from the Arabian peninsula, the Arabian is considered one of the world’s oldest developed breeds, dating back around 4,500 years.

Quick and spirited, this majestic horse was once valued as a war horse and became the subject of many Arab legends. It is still highly prized for its speed, stamina, beauty, intelligence and good nature.

Arabian Horse 2022 was sculpted from life from a stallion called Tuwaisan Tha’atha’a. This horse was a gift to HM Queen Elizabeth II by HM King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa, from the Royal stud of Bahrain. As an island, Bahrain has found it easier to protect its equine bloodlines from indiscriminate breeding. Since 1783, this line of horses has passed from father to son preserving the purity of the breed.

“A huge thank you to Jenny Lees and Tuwaisahan for their combined enthusiasm in helping me sculpt this magnificent horse. I have depicted him as I saw him,  proud and majestic.” (Hamish Mackie)

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