Camel Sitting - 2012

Bronze, Signed Hamish Mackie
Numbered edition of 12
Dated 2012

15cm high x 35cm long x 14cm wide
(6″ x 14″ x 5.5″)

Sculptures can be shipped worldwide at cost, no VAT payable on exports outside the EU.

£4,900 inc VAT
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“Camels are great characters to sculpt. Their faces are very expressive, their bodies lean and muscular.” (HM)

Like all Hamish’s wildlife sculptures, his bronze Camel sculptures were observed from life and created with a close understanding of the animal’s anatomy and form. Part of the appeal of Hamish Mackie Sculptures is that the artist captures the real physicality of his subjects. He imbues a foundation of anatomical correctness with a character and energy which bring his sculptures to life.

Hamish’s bronze Camel Sitting sculpture shows this dromedary in repose, his legs folded beneath him. He has the distinctive one hump and Hamish has captured his expressive face.


Research for a potentially monumental commission spurred a trip to the U.A.E. in 2013. I meet Dr Lulu Skidmore and studied the camels at the Dubai Camel Research Centre, just outside Dubai. Camels are great characters to watch and sculpt. Camel Sitting and Camel Standing were sculpted from life using my travelling studio box. They were made as maquette studies for Camel Life size. As on other research trips, I make the armatures in my studio in Oxfordshire, and take them out, hanging from the lid of the box. I then sculpted my subject using Plasticine, which is easy to transport and mould. The making these camel sculptures made the front page of The National newspaper, U.A.E. in an article written by Thamer Al Subaihi (17 June 2013)

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