Gold and Silver Octopus - 2022

Gold and Silver Octopus - 2022

This is one of Hamish’s most exciting projects to date. The available technology enables Hamish to offer a custom-made treasure. These images show CGI renders of a Gold Octopus with and without blue sapphires in each sucker.

At approximately 15cm long and in 14ct yellow gold, this Gold Octopus would weigh approx 1kg in gold, with approx 650 sapphires. It would be a totally bespoke commission made to order.



This sterling silver Octopus weighing 23kg was a bespoke one-off commission, the end result being a unique piece of customised treasure.

Please contact Hamish on m: +44 (0) 7971 028 098 or t: +44 (0) 1608 737 859 if you are interested in further details. You might like to discuss a similar commission which could be made to your own specifications. Hamish will also consider creating a unique one-of-its-kind world-wide exclusive.