Goodman's Andalusian Stallion - 2014

Bronze, Signed Hamish Mackie
Numbered Edition of 6
Dated 2014

360cm long x 360cm high x 200cm wide
(141.5″ x 141.5″ x 78.5″)
Approx weight 1700kg

Sculptures can be shipped worldwide at cost, no VAT payable on exports outside the EU.

£400,000 inc VAT
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“At Goodman’s Fields we had the opportunity to create a landmark that celebrates British craftsmanship as well as the history of the local community.” (Berkeley Homes)

Hamish was commissioned by Berkeley Homes to create six life-and-a-quarter size bronze horses for the main Piazza at Goodman’s Fields, London – for which he was awarded the annual Marsh Awards for Excellence in Public Sculpture and Public Fountains in 2016 by the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association. Each remarkable bronze horse sculpture is available individually as a limited edition of 6.

The Andalusian horse is known for its elegance and strength. Highly prized for thousands of years, this breed comes from the Iberian Peninsula and was used by the nobility as a war horse. Hamish’s larger than life-size proud Horse Andalusian Stallion sculpture shows the long neck and broad chest characteristic of the breed.

Exact scale replicas of all the Goodman’s Fields Horses by Hamish Mackie are available in limited editions.

In this sculpture I wanted to portray a horse emerging from the fountain – the horse needed to be the epitome of horse strength and pride with its head down in defiance. The Andalusian Stallion was a horse that fitted the brief and I found a model locally that I studied at length before sculpting in my studio. Once I have a vision of the sculpture in my head, the first step is to make the armature, which supports the tonnage of clay required. I make my armatures so they articulate on the joints. This allows the work to evolve and manifest very naturally. It is not about model making but creating my own interpretation of the subject. The armatures for the horses took six months to make and used 1.5km of steel. The sculpting of the bronze horses took another six months and used 6.5 tones of clay.

Horse Andalusian Stallion - 2014

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