Owl Ring - 2013

18crt. Gold.
sizes I-S £1,800, sizes T-Z £2,200 Inc. VAT
Made to size
Sculptures can be shipped world wide at cost, no VAT payable on exports outside the EU.

For collectors of fine jewellery or owl items, this beautiful 18 carat gold Owl Ring is sure to be a treasured possession. Made to order in any size, it would make a unique and original present for a loved one.

The owl is traditionally associated with wisdom and learning, foresight and prophesy, and is a potent symbol in the mythology of many cultures. It is also regarded as a talisman against ill-fortune and bad luck, which imbues this sculptural piece of jewellery with extra significance.

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working in foundry
hands in clay
molten pouring at foundry
Barn owl sculpture
sculpture of barn owl

Owl ring was first made as a larger bronze sculpture Barn Owl 2013. It was then digitally scanned down, before being designed as a ring. It is the first piece of jewelry I have made from a sculpture, and something I would like to do more of when the sculpture lends itself.