Wolf Life Size Male Howling - 2023

Bronze, Signed Hamish Mackie
Numbered Edition of 12
Dated 2023

157cm high x 120cm long x 40cm wide (62″ x 47″ x 15.5″)

Weight: 170kg

Sculptures can be shipped world wide at cost, no VAT payable on exports outside the EU.

See Scaled Down Wolf Male Howling 2023

£40,000 inc VAT Scaled down sculpture £3,600 inc VAT

The grey wolf is one of the the most iconic creatures on the planet, an apex predator with a long history of interactions with humans, immortalised in mythology. As part of my research, I read Jamie and Jim Dutcher’s Running with Wolves, an amazing insight into their story with the Sawtooth pack. The book shares a heartfelt passion for the these incredible animals and their complex social structure.

Anatomically, I measured a wolf at Amazing Animals at Heythrop Zoological Gardens in Oxfordshire, where there is a pack trained for the film industry. To be greeted by a fully grown male wolf was an experience I shall never forget! To me, wolves are symbolic of wild places. They were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park in 1995 which resulted in a total ecosystem rebalance.


My wolves came about from a commission from the interior designer, Nina Campbell. It was one of those incredible commissions with a fairly open brief, except that the Male Howling had to stand on the end of a bridge. This gave me the freedom to get into the head of six very different wolf characters and sculpt them. I sculpted over an anatomically correct steel armature using wet crank clay, which allowed a very expressive texture suitable for their functional fur coats.


The sculptures have been designed so that they can be installed in a number of ways. Either directly to the ground, on a boulder or plinth, or stepping over a log etc, to really make them fit into the environment they are placed. If you have an idea as to where you’d like a wolf, we can talk about installation ideas!

From the life size originals, I took an incredibly detailed scan so I could scale them down and produce smaller wolf sculptures suitable for indoors, and with exceptional detail.

Sculpture in the Making

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