A wildlife research trip to India

I am off on a wildlife research trip to India which is so exciting!!!  A great friend and collaborator, Justin from Steppes Travel, has organized this extra special trip.

This trip has two purposes. Firstly, it is a much needed wildlife research trip. I have to get out there and see animals in their natural habitat as it informs my whole process. Normally, when I go on a research trip, I bring with me the steel armature of the animal I am going to sculpt. I go out there looking for something very specific. I have an idea of what I am hoping to find already in my mind.

On this trip though, I am going with my eyes wide open with only my sketch pad and cameras. I have no expectations of what I will find. This way round it is very exciting as I don’t know what will catch my eye.

Our first stop is going to be Pushkar, where they have this amazing camel fair.It is a riot of visual delight, from horse dancing to camel decorating. I should get a chance to see cattle like the Brahman with their humps and julaps, and the Marwari horse I have yet to meet. Watch this space!

The second reason for this wildlife research trip to India is that I really really want to sculpt a tiger. So we are going to Tadoba and then Kaziranga National parks. I am looking to find out more about this incredible animal and how its conservation works. We have secured a photography permit for one whole day, which is excellent.

I will be checking in soon with news and hopefully some cracking photographs on this trip.

Hamish Mackie research trip to India