Coronavirus 2020 April 28, 2020

What strange times these are! 2020 has certainly got a different look to it.

After four years of working towards my new show Life in Bronze 2020, the coronavirus 2020 crisis came along and put a stop to it! Of course, it was extremely disappointing after all our careful planning and preparation. I was excited to be able to share my new work with you and the stories behind the sculptures. It also felt like a letdown for the rest of the amazing team that helps to put the show together.


So like everyone else, I’ve had to come up with new ways of working. At the moment, obviously, I can’t go on research trips so I have been looking back through my archives of photographs and videos to gain inspiration.

It has been quite a reflective exercise, remembering some of the wonderful places I’ve visited and the variety of wildlife I’ve been lucky enough to study. Visiting the Northern Rangelands Trust, the elephant sanctuary at Reteti and the Il Ngwesi Conservancy; tracking lion with the Predator Monitoring Team and observing rhino at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.  I also went to the United Arab emirates to study falcons and gazelles, camels and salukis. There were also cultural visits to Paris and Rome. And of course, as I love to do every year, fishing for salmon and stalking deer with my camera in the Highlands.

Although the show won’t be going ahead, I’ve decided to publish a full catalogue so we are continuing to work on that. It is quite an undertaking – writing text and liaising with contributors; selecting the very best photographs; arranging the layout with the art directors, designer, and printer. I’m really pleased that the author and naturalist Stephen Moss has contributed a few words. We are keeping the theme that we would have used for the solo exhibition – a celebration of nature.

Don’t forget, we can still ship sculptures out directly to buyers and if anybody wants to visit the studio, we can arrange that by appointment – with social distancing, of course …

The virus might have put a stop to a lot of things but it hasn’t prevented spring from arriving! It has been wonderful to see the blossom on the trees, hear the birds singing and feel the sun shining. Although things are difficult at the moment, nature is doing her best to remind us that the natural world is still a beautiful place.


Sculpture Collection

Hamish has a substantial range of sculptures for sale, all of which are listed on this website. If you see something you like that is labelled as sold out, please get in touch with Hamish directly to discuss a private commission.

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