Cheetah - 2022

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Bronze, Signed Hamish Mackie
Numbered Edition of 12
Dated 2022

35cm high x 15cm wide x 83cm long
(13.5″ x 6″ x 32.5″)

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The cheetah is a favourite subject of Hamish’s, one that he has returned to many times over the years in different forms.

Cheetah Foot Down 2012 and Cheetah Launch Pad 2012 are life-size sculptures. Cheetah Impala Kill 2018 shows the big cat hunting. Three different head studies Plasticine Original – 2020, Clay Original – 2020 and Mud Original – 2020 were followed by a silver plated Cheetah Skull – 2020.

This new cheetah sculpture presents the big cat at full stretch in mid-flight. The composition showcases the animal’s perfectly evolved anatomy, something that has long fascinated Hamish. His light handling of the clay conveys all the grace, speed and agility that the Cheetah is known for.

Cheetah are an endangered species. The population has halved in the last decade and they now number just 7000 in the wild. They are the fastest animal on the planet – evolution has engineered an aerodynamic body frame over a lightweight skeleton, capable of speeds up to 93km/h. They use their whole body for speed; the long flexible spine allows for rapid changes of direction and the massive tail acts as a counter balance and rudder.

“In 2012, the AfriCat Foundation in Namibia, Africa allowed me to track cheetah with a guide on foot. It was an extremely exciting and privileged experience to watch them in their natural habitat. The photographs and video I took with my Leica camera have been invaluable research tools that have enabled me to sculpt these animals in my studio in Oxfordshire.” (Hamish Mackie)

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