Chicken Head - 2017

Bronze, Signed Hamish Mackie, Numbered edition of 12, Dated 2017
3,000 Inc. VAT
10cm long x 40cm high x 17cm deep / 4" long x 15.5" high x 6.5" deep
Sculptures can be shipped world wide at cost, no VAT payable on exports outside the EU.

Modelled on a Lohmann cockerel, Chicken Head 2017 was commissioned by a chicken breeder as a gift for a big European egg production company. Originally from Germany, the Lohmann Brown is a good-natured, reliable egg-layer and perhaps the breed we first think of when we imagine a farmyard chicken.

Hamish has captured the cockerel's friendly, inquisitive character in this striking bronze sculpture, which has a rich warm patina, and would make the perfect gift for anyone who loves the countryside.


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Chicken on Hamish's shoulder in studio
Chicken in studio with Hamish
Hamish making chicken head sculpture in studio

I really enjoyed having a Lohmann cockerel living in my studio for a week! He was a bumptious chap, strutting around, pecking at my equipment. By the end of the week we had become good friends and he would sit on my shoulder while I worked. Working from life allows you to get a feel for the subject's character - in this case a plucky inquisitive bird which I hope I captured in my sculpture.