Silver Guinea Fowl - 2012

Silver, Signed Hamish Mackie, Numbered edition of 6, Dated 2012
3400 each Inc. VAT
Eating - 13cm long x 8cm high x 7cm wide.
Looking Up - 12cm long x 15cm high x 6cm wide.
Walking - 12cm long x 15cm high x 6cm wide.
Running - 13cm long x 15cm high x 6cm wide.
Bolt - 18cm long x 18cm high x 6cm wide.
Sculptures can be shipped world wide at cost, no VAT payable on exports outside the EU.

Originally from Africa, the Guinea Fowl is now found all over the world. Hamish has crafted his silver Guinea Fowl sculptures in a series of characteristic poses. Its featherless head and distinctive crest, coupled with its long legs, make the bird a slightly comical figure and grouped together, these game bird sculptures have an endearing charm.

Available in a limited edition of 6, these individual silver Guinea Fowl sculptures show a Guinea Fowl Eating, Looking Up, Walking, Running and Bolt. Also available in Bronze.

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Guinea fowl in wild

I often stumble across guinea fowl in the African bush. They are such characters and are always fun to observe. I sculpted these in a group, as they are when they are going about their daily business. These silver Guinea Fowl sculptures are a limited edition cast from the bronze version.