Impala - 2018

Bronze, Signed Hamish Mackie
Numbered edition of 12
Dated 2018

45cm high x 39cm wide x 14cm deep / 17.5″ high x 15.5″ wide x 5.5″ deep

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£7,500 inc VAT
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Impala are slender, graceful animals belonging to the Antelope family. They have a red-brown back, tan flanks, white underbellies and very distinct black and white markings on the face and rump. The males have impressive long lyre-shaped horns. They are timid and shy, constantly on the lookout for predators.

This is how Hamish has chosen to compose his impala sculpture, watching over its shoulder for danger from cheetah or leopard. Along with Cheetah 2018 and Cheetah Impala Kill 2018, it makes a trio of sculptures which tell a story of life in the African bush.

While all three sculptures are scaled perfectly to work together as companion pieces, they are also available individually and would make a great gift for collectors of African art.


I wanted to depict the ever wary and watchful impala. Found usually on the boundary between plain and bush, they are mostly seen checking over their shoulder for predators such as leopard and cheetah. I have always considered impala as one of the most graceful of African animals and have been lucky enough to study them in the wild at Lewa.

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