Red Deer Stag - 2012

Bronze, Signed Hamish Mackie, Numbered edition of 12, Dated 2012
9,200 Inc. VAT
58cm high x 42cm long x 23cm wide / 23" high x 16.5" long x 9" wide
Sculptures can be shipped world wide at cost, no VAT payable on exports outside the EU.

“I remember a huge stag, coming into feed, walking past me no more than five meters away. How such a heavy animal can travel through the forest in total silence is a mystery to me. I was lying camouflaged behind a rock and I didn’t know it was coming from behind until it nearly trod on me.” (HM)

Famously immortalised in Landseer’s painting ‘Monarch of the Glen’, Hamish’s bronze Red Deer Stag sculpture also shows a proud male deer with fine antlers. During the rutting season, stags clash antlers in combat and roar to win mating rights over a harem of hinds. Despite their size and power, stags are stealthy and light on their feet as Hamish’s stag sculpture has captured.

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Hamish sculpting stag outside
Hamish sculpting red deer stag
Red deer stags on hillside

This stag sculpture, together with the Red Deer Hind, was made in the Highlands of Scotland. I spent a few mornings stalking with my camera on the hill and, thanks to our stalker, I managed to get close to a stag rounding up his hinds. Having researched and photographed these red deer, and while still fresh in my memory, I set up my tools outside the estate larder and sculpted both together.