Leopards, Three in a Tree - 2014

Bronze, Signed Hamish Mackie
Numbered edition of 12
Dated 2014

104cm long x 84cm high x 25cm wide
(41″ x 33″ x 10″)

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£21,600 inc VAT
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Hamish Mackie’s bronze Leopard sculptures are an extraordinary collection of Big Cat studies. One of the African Big Five game animals, Hamish observed them at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya.

Hamish has sculpted the Leopard in a series of characteristic poses. They show the power, stealth and agility of this magnificent animal.

Leopards, Three in a Tree, is a charming bronze Leopards sculpture. It shows big cats alternately reclining, stretching and dismounting from a branch. The piece is full of life and movement. Hamish offers the viewer a compelling impression of Kenya, a snapshot of African wildlife in action.

The concept of this bronze leopards sculpture came to me after looking back at my research. I studied leopards when I visited AfriCat in Namibia in 2012. I pictured the composition in my head and then set about finding a branch to fit. The movements of the leopards and the casting of the branch give a glimpse of the roughness of the African bush. I am really pleased with how this sculpture has worked.

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