Hamish Mackie Exhibits New Sculptures at Chelsea Flower Show 2018 May 9, 2018

It’s only two weeks until the gates open for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018, a highlight in my year. I’m really excited to be sponsored by Knight Frank.  Bowles & Wyer, a landscape design company based in Hertfordshire, are creating my stand.

We are deliberately going for a rather neutral setting this year. The backdrop could be either a country garden or a city house, so the sculptures will really take centre stage.


We are busy selecting the sculptures that I will exhibit, most of them are ones that I have produced since last year’s show. However, there are always old favourite pieces that find their way into the selection – often at the last minute like my Toad 2007! Although we plan the layout and the display well in advance, there are always decisions to make right up until the opening.

Among the sculptures exhibited, you will be able to see Hares 2018, Otters 2018, Cape Buffalo Head 2017, Bronze Kingfisher 2017, Badger 2017, Pheasant 2017Giraffe Running 2017Sir Winston Churchill (Scale 1:3) 2017, Highland Goats 2017, as well as Kudu 2016, Vessel Inflection Point 2015, Otter Mother and Cubs 2013, Oscillating Disk 2012, Bird Form 2009 and Toad 2007.

I am really grateful to Knight Frank who are sponsoring the stand, and looking forward to welcoming their clients. It is good to meet people who are new to my work and get their feedback. The stand is always busy and, because of our great location at the show, we are a natural meeting point for visitors. There is always a bit of a buzz around us and I enjoy the energy it brings to the week. In addition, my Hares 2018 are being exhibited outside the Royal Hospital Chelsea during the show, thanks to Knight Frank.

It is a great chance for collectors to meet the sculptor in person and talk about the work. I am happy to answer questions and discuss commissions. Modern day artists like myself have now quite a different relationship with the clients who buy our art. Gone are the days when artists had to solely rely on galleries. Now many artists organise and produce their own shows, interacting with collectors at ground level. And of course, thanks to social media, we can engage in conversation with them directly. You can’t get a better provenance than straight from the sculptor’s studio!

I am really looking forward to seeing old and new friends at the show. Let’s hope the sun shines on us! You can find Hamish Mackie Sculptures at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018 at stand 292/RHW between 21-26th May.


Sculpture Collection

Hamish has a substantial range of sculptures for sale, all of which are listed on this website. If you see something you like that is labelled as sold out, please get in touch with Hamish directly to discuss a private commission.

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