Arctic Tern - 2014

Silver, signed Hamish Mackie, numbered edition of 6, Dated 2014
12,000 Inc. VAT
37cm long x 73cm high x 34cm wide / 14.5" long x 28.5" high x 13.5" wide
Sculptures can be shipped world wide at cost, no VAT payable on exports outside the EU.

It is easy to see why this graceful bird is known as the ‘Sea Swallow’, with its long tail streamers and subtly arced wing span. This sculpture catches the coastal bird in flight, perhaps on its long migration to winter in the icy Arctic.

"I had asked Charlie White who co-ordinates the Roxtons fishing trips to keep his eye out for Arctic Terns. One of the guides, Sergei, found a frozen bird in the tundra. It was an extraordinary find. I then went to White Sea and photographed the Arctic Tern along the coast against all these beautiful wooden fishing villages – a truly wild environment" (HM)

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Hamish making Arctic Tern in silver
Hamish sculpting Arctic Tern
Varzuga River Arctic Tern environment
Arctic tern in the sky

Arctic Terns migrate from the extreme north to the extreme south, the longest migration known in the animal kingdom. It was a real privilege to be able to watch and photograph them on the Varzuga River. The frozen bird our guide Sergei found was hugely important, as I was able to study it at close quarters and take measurements. The sculpture was then sculpted from my studio at home using all the data I had collected.