Elephant Calf Boisterous - 2019

Bronze, Signed Hamish Mackie, Numbered Edition of 12, Dated 2019
5,600 Inc. VAT
31cm high x 20cm wide x 55cm long / 12" x 8" x 21.5"
Sculptures can be shipped world wide at cost, no VAT payable on exports outside the EU.

Hamish has been studying elephants in the wild for more than twenty-five years. In this series of four sculptures - Elephant Calf Bold, Elephant Calf Boisterous, Elephant Calf Bashful and Elephant Calf Chasing Warthog - he brings his sculptor's eye to the younger members of the herd.

"Elephants are a subject I will never tire of. I find elephants have a complex and varied range of emotions and are fairly easy to read." (HM)

Here, the elephant calf is full of confidence, charging forwards, trunk waving aloft. Hamish observed the orphaned elephant calves at Reteti elephant sanctuary in Northern Kenya, growing in confidence as they are cared for and finding their feet. Nearby at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, the younger elephants are similarly relaxed. Perhaps they somehow know that in both these conservation havens, they are safe from human-wildlife conflict within the security boundaries.

Hamish will quite often sculpt several of the same subject at the same time. It is a very dynamic and efficient way of sculpting, as he really gets his subject in his head. Each of these elephant calf sculptures has a powerful emotional impact and when placed together, they make a compelling scene.

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elephant calf with keeper in Kenya
Hamish sculpting elephants
elephants in wild
baby elephants at feeding time

After visiting Reteti elephant sanctuary in Northern Kenya a number of times, I just had to sculpt some naughty little youngsters mucking about! The calves feel relaxed and safe in the care of the Reteti rangers and this shows in their playful behaviour. This chap held his head high, his trunk flailing about all over the place as he charged forwards, almost airborne with confidence!