Hare Head - 2018

Bronze, Signed Hamish Mackie
Numbered edition of 12
Dated 2018

66cm high x 21cm wide x 23cm deep
(26″ x 8.5″  x 9″ )

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£7,000 inc VAT
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During the sculpting of Hares 2018 Hamish knew he wanted to make a bronze hare head sculpture. He had immersed himself deeply in his research and says that even when the sculpture was finished, “I still had hares in my head.”

Hamish kept coming back to the angular head of the animal and how expressive it is. He ended up making two bronze hare head sculpture as his ideas developed. Hare Head 2018 and Hare Head Carved 2018 are very different and make an interesting comparison.

Hare Head 2018 is slightly larger than life size, a scale that perfectly allows for Hamish’s trademark loose and gestural mark making. His finger prints and push marks are clearly visible, imbuing the surface of his material with energy.

Hares are always in a state of alert, listening with those impressive radar-like ears. Hamish communicates a sense of their ever vigilant, slightly twitchy, shy nature. Hares are one of Hamish’s signature subjects and this sculpture will delight his collectors. Hare Head 2018 is a fine addition to his body of British wildlife sculpture.

After sculpting Hares 2018, I had researched hares so thoroughly that they were still in my head! During the making of that sculpture, I had developed some more ideas and wanted to try them out. The heads of hares are a sculptors delight, and prompted me to make two more different bronze hare head sculptures. With Hare Head 2018, I wanted to experiment with a quickly and loosely modelled clay head larger than life size, in comparison to the Hare Head Carved 2018.

Sculpture in the Making

Hare Head - 2018

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