Hares Boxing - 2019

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Bronze, Signed Hamish Mackie
Numbered Edition of 12
Dated 2019

121cm high x 56 cm wide x 49cm long
(47.5″ x 22″ x 19″)

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Hares are a favourite subject of Hamish’s, to which he returns often in his sculptures. Most of the year, these shy creatures are elusive but in the Spring their behaviour radically changes. They can be seen leaping about, chasing each other and engaging in bouts of ‘boxing’. This probably gave rise to the expression ‘Mad as a March Hare’.

Hares Boxing 2019 utilises the inherent strength of bronze to create a composition that appears to challenge gravity but is perfectly balanced. Hamish has arranged his two hares in a composition that has an angular, almost choreographed symmetry that lends it a balletic air. His sculpture freezes a specific moment in time while conveying all the passion and dynamic movement of March hares boxing in the fields in Spring.

Hamish’s bronze hare sculpture works equally well as a dramatic indoor piece, or as a witty focal point in a country garden.


Hares are one of my signature subjects. I have sculpted many hares over the years which I use as a bench mark to see how my style is changing. With their expressive body language, I can give so much attitude and character to the sculpture.

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