Turtles -2020

Bronze, Signed Hamish Mackie
Numbered Edition of 9
Dated 2020

175cm high x 170cm long x 85cm wide
(69″ x 67″ x 33.5″)
including galvanised steel base.

Sculptures can be shipped worldwide at cost, no VAT payable on exports outside the EU.

£73,000 inc VAT
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Sea turtles can be found in all of the world’s oceans except the polar regions. Migratory creatures, they spend most of their lives in the sea, only coming ashore from time to time to nest or bask. Turtles have long been hunted for their shells, eggs, meat and skin, and sadly, numbers are in decline. Habitat destruction and climate change have also had an impact on nesting sites.

There are seven remaining species of sea turtle. The Hawksbill, Kemp’s Ridley and Green are classed as critically endangered by the IUCN. The Leatherback, Loggerhead and Olive Ridley are in the vulnerable category.  The conservation status of the Flatback is unclear due to a lack of available data.

Originally commissioned by a client in Barbados, Hamish has created a sculpture of three life-size sea turtles cast into bronze. There is a fluid energy to this bronze turtles sculpture, a sense of movement and lightness that evokes these nimble creatures who are so at home in the ocean.

This sculpture works equally well as an internal or external piece. It is particularly suited to placement near water where it can cast wonderful reflections.


Sculpting turtles during lockdown was the perfect way to be whisked away to underwater tropical climates! This sculpture was a site specific design to run alongside some steps coming out of a plunge pool in Barbados. A super commission from a great client – if only I could have gone on a research trip! The original turtles were sculpted out of clay over a steel armature. The support structure was sculpted upside down in plaster of Paris to give the feeling of ocean currents.

Turtles 2020

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