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caracal head sculpture

Caracal Head - 2018 SOLD OUT

Boxing Hares sculpture in sunny garden

Hares - 2018 SOLD OUT

bronze sculpture of cheetah walking

Cheetah - 2017 SOLD OUT

bronze leopard sculpture

Leopard - 2017 SOLD OUT

White Park Bull Head

White Park Bull Head - 2017 SOLD OUT

bronze hare sculpture

Boxing Hares - 2017 SOLD OUT

bronze Tiger Drinking sculpture

Tiger Drinking - 2016 SOLD OUT

bronze Tiger Walking

Tiger Walking - 2016 SOLD OUT

bronze rhino head study

White Rhino Head Study - 2016 SOLD OUT

giraffe head bronze sculpture

Giraffe Head Study - 2016 SOLD OUT

Serval Cat Head in bronze

Serval Cat Head Study - 2016 SOLD OUT

bronze sculpture of warthog running

Warthog - 2016 SOLD OUT

bronze grouse flying sculpture

Grouse Flying - 2016 SOLD OUT

Bronze Dung Beetles sculpture

Dung Beetles - 2015 SOLD OUT

Bronze Robin sculpture

Robin - 2015 SOLD OUT

Roe buck head bronze sculpture

Roe Buck Head - 2015 SOLD OUT